The Warriors Trip Was Shorter Than You Think

    As a kid watching the movie, "The Warriors," a story about a New York City gang peace summit in The Bronx, I always wondered about the locations used.  In the movie, The Warriors were one of the gangs attending the peace summit and traveled to The Bronx by train from Coney Island in the 1970's. The summit was a call for peace among the NYC gangs which had the city in turmoil. Crime and murder rates were up due to gang violence. Gangs had carved the city up in to their own unofficial map with each gang claiming a certain area or "turf." Crossing in to an other gang's turf would lead to violence and even death. The summit in the film was called to end these turf battles, stop the gang violence and unify all the gangs in New York City. 

    A shot in the movie is a subway map of The Bronx showing the 5 train stop Dire Av/233 St. and Pelham Bay Park. After seeing this I assumed that the scene was supposed to be set and shot in Pelham Bay Park. Many people have assumed that the summit in the movie was supposed to be actually in Van Cortlandt Park which would have been on the 1 train line and 242nd street stop on Broadway. In reality neither park was used for a location in the movie nor was any place in The Bronx. The story has The Warriors trying to travel home safely to Coney Island from The Bronx through a gang ruled New York City. According to all the locations used in filming really The Warriors only traveled from the Upper Westside of Manhattan (the northern most point in the city used in filming) to Coney Island. 

A great shot by shot account of "The Warriors" can be found here:

    "The Warriors" however was loosely based on a real gang peace summit that did take place in The Bronx in 1971. Filmmaker Shan Nicholson's "Rubble Kings," tells the real story about gangs from The Bronx and the peace summit. Unlike "The Warriors" footage from "Rubble Kings" actually shows The Bronx. This film follows the Ghetto Brothers, a gang turned peace keepers who ultimately changed The Bronx and eventually the world with the peace summit they organized. 

Daily News article about "Rubble Kings" link: 

    "The Warriors," as a film is an entertaining look in to a surreal New York City gang culture. "The Warriors" will always be remembered as a classic but "Rubble Kings" tells the real story about The Bronx and is a must see. "Can you dig it?"

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