About Us

The Bronx Clothing Company was formed in the early months of 2012 based on the desire to create clothing "inspired by The Bronx for people worldwide." We have been asked the question, "How can The Bronx inspire clothing?" Our response is simply...How can it not? The Bronx, New York is an amazing place that is rich in history, art, architecture, music, cultural diversity, and of coarse fashion. We have embraced these great aspects of The Bronx and have started producing a line that pays tribute to them. Our designers have spent countless hours traveling around The Bronx, visiting well known and not so well known places to draw inspiration. Check our website often to see our designs currently in production that represent many more neighborhoods and cultures in The Bronx. We plan to be a company that like The Bronx itself, has something for everyone to enjoy. And by "everyone" we mean if you are from The Bronx or if you have never even been to The Bronx. 

The Bronx Clothing Company was started by two men who were born and raised in The Bronx. They went to high school, college, and worked in The Bronx. The two men have a combined total of over 60 years of time spent living in The Bronx but they are learning more about The Bronx everyday. They know that if you take 100 people and ask them to describe The Bronx you will get 100 different answers. So please contact us at THEBRONXCLOTHINGCOMPANY@gmail.com and tell us how you see The Bronx. The views and opinions of our customers are very important to us. 

We are a young brand but we plan to grow strong and fast by producing a great product that our customers will tell other people to buy.